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Home Media Magazine reports that a study was conducted among tablet users, of various brands, that over 50% of them streaming videos on their devices. The study was conducted by research group In-Stat.

“About 50% of consumers with the popular tablet mini-computer are streaming movies as well as TV shows, according to a new In-Stat report.”

The study suggests that a transition id taking place among owners of tablets who also own other computing devices (like laptops). They are starting to prefer tablets for certain functionality and aspects of computing.

“The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based research firm said the findings underscore the reality that tablets and smartphones steadily are usurping laptop computers for video consumption, in addition to functioning as personal interaction devices for social networking and third-party apps.”

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The transition makes sense from a perspective of tablet owners being comfortable with streaming videos on their devices’ displays. However, keep in mind that the study was only conducted among tablet owners, but not the computing population as a whole. Yea a lot of tablet owners enjoy watching videos on their tablet, but wasn’t that always a large selling point of the devices? Either way it is good to see users taking full advantage of their tablet’s features.

“The company said mobile video users will more than triple during the next five years, with 86% of smartphone or tablet users viewing on their mobile devices. Nearly 60% of smartphone or tablet owners also will view over-the-top video sources such as Netflix and Hulu.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I think watching Netflix or other streaming content on my iPad has always been a great experience and one of the highlights of owning a tablet.

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