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A new Verizon Wireless ad has hit the Web, and is currently available on YouTube, called “Tablets Powered by Verizon.” The ad is quite impressive with doors and windows from a home breaking at the sight of the home’s resident using an unspecified tablet.

According to PDF Devices, the unspecified tablet is none other than the successor to the Motorola Xoom — the Motorola Xoom 2.

“The tab in the ad has a neat front with the back hosting the unique speaker of the Xoom, camera, plastic strip, and flash design, plus a Verizon Wireless logo in the center. It’s less stout than the current Xoom but definitely from the same family.”

Still not confirmed that this is indeed the Xoom, but it seems very likely. Motorola will probably want to take on the iPad and other recent competitors while giving Honeycomb another go. With constant Android Marketplace improvements in the sense more developers are embracing Android, why not?

xoom2 300x168 Motorola Xoom 2 Possibly Showcased in New Verizon Ad

Obviously, sales have been less than stellar of the original model. However, a large reason, as PDF Devices also goes into, was the starting price point and reliance on carriers (no Wi-Fi model on outset). If Motorola learns from their mistakes and prices it right, the tablet could make a bigger splash.

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