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Do we want to look at tablets as revolutionary products looking to reinvent computing or just another fad that is going to end up coinciding with other gadgets or popular computing devices like netbooks? I think this is a very interesting question because of the fact tablets offer to bridge the gap between computing and intuitive touch-interface personalization — that allows users not comfortable with computers to enjoy these touch-based tablets.

PC Mag points out that before the iPad took off, tablets did exist but were not part of the mass media computing craze at all. In fact, they were specialized devices targeting demographics like the medical field for instance.

However, it was Apple that really brought the tablet onto consumers. Freedom and connectivity is something that computing platforms before the iPad and the consumer tablet tried but failed to achieve.

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“And now that we have about 14 months of iPad and other consumer tablets being on the market to draw even more research from, I am becoming more convinced that a tablet is not just another PC in a PC vendor’s line up. Rather it is something else. To users, it represents a very different level of mobility, connectivity, and freedom that traditional PCs cannot offer. And it offers many different digital experiences as well. I see it as a mobile chameleon. It is an ebook reader. With the right software, it is a portable television. It plays movies and music. It’s a mobile platform for games. It is a productivity tool. It gives users full Internet access.”

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